Artist INC Northwest Arkansas


Hosted by Northwest Arkansas Council, Artist INC Northwest Arkansas sessions run for eight-consecutive weeks on Tuesday evenings from 6-9 p.m. This session will be held virtually via Zoom in lieu of the current pandemic.

Session Dates

To be announced. 

What Works Workshops

None currently scheduled. Please check back for updates.


Applications are currently closed. Please check back for updates.

Northwest Arkansas Council

A new Northwest Arkansas arts service organization is being established to expand access to arts, culture and heritage. The organization will be incubated at the Northwest Arkansas Council with support from the Walton Family Foundation.

The newly announced arts organization will focus on building the system-wide capacity of the region’s arts and culture organizations through programming to support leadership development, regional communications, professional development, convenings, small-scale grants and advocacy. It will create a strategic plan to attract and retain practicing artists and cultural organizations of all sizes and disciplines. The organization will showcase Northwest Arkansas as a premier destination for the arts, with the goal of encouraging additional public support, cultural tourism and economic development.

Northwest Arkansas Council


2020 Artists

Artist INC NWA 2020 participants are: Lela Besom, Christina Blackwood, Jane Blunschi, Lee Byers, Juliana Duque, Robert Gordon, Carol Hart, Diana Hausam, Ambrosia Johnson, Miroslava Panayotova, Adriana Patrucco, Jeremiah (Baang) Pickett, Sara Remoy, Alan Rodriguez, Denise Sagan, Theron Sunderland, Paige Tavernaro, Olivia Trimble, Shelby Vaught, Damen Washington, Blake Worthey, and Vicente Yepez.
NWA Artist INC 2020 Facilitators and Administrators are:
Molly Bess Rector, Adrienne Dawes, Danny Baskin, Kat Wilson, Octavio Logo, Lia Uribe, and Lisa Marie Evans.

2019 Artists

Rachel Allen, Kathleen Barta, DeLani Bartlette, Lisa Blount, Heather Chilson, Caleb Clark, Amos Cochran, Simone Cottrell, Anthony Davis, Beth Erbe, John Erwin, Catherine Goenner, Grayce Holcomb, Maryevelyn Johnes, Chad Maupin, Kimberly McCabe, Amber Perrodin, Molly Bess Rector, Emily Smith, Stevie Stevens

2018 Artists

Lisa Atherton, Margaret Correll, Napoleon Dezaldivar, Amy Eichler, Celestine Eichler, Shawna Elliott, Tom Flynn, Willi Goehring, Judy Goodwin, Broc Hite, Kristoffer Johnson, Shabana Kauser, Cheryl Kellar, David Kersey, Ruth Lawlor, Meredith Mashburn, Kathy McGregor, Nikola Radan, Nithya Ramachandran, Sasha Rayevskiy, Suzannah Schreckhise, Rachael Small, Emma Steinkraus, Jonathan Suit, Maria Valverde

2017 Artists

Steve Adair, Joel Armstrong, Dillon Dooms, Annushka Erickson, David Foss, Marsha Lane Foster, Taylor Hale, Evan Hallmark, Whitney Johnston, Kellie Lehr, Robert Lemming, Alvin Lopez, Aimee Papazian, Edward Pennebaker, Eloa Jane Pereira, Cynthia Post Hunt, Dexta Stone, Ryan Tate, Angela Teeter, Lia Uribe, Jenny Walker, Rachel Washington