Betsy Knabe Roe

The human world has long used the earth with disregard to the consequences of undermining the healthy and sustainable ecosystems that support all life.  We need to be aware of our actions and work toward regaining ecological balance between all living beings -humans and nonhumans- to maintain our very existence.

In my artwork, I am concerned with the mysteries of human consciousness as related to the mysteries of the natural world. It challenges the audience to examine their existing views of the world.  I highlight the interconnections of humans with non-humans to raise our awareness and foster empathy for the natural world. 

My artistic practice is based in part on scientific research of the ecology of tall grass prairies, prairie conservation and restoration efforts.   I also experience and observe the prairie throughout the seasons in the form of my rituals:  walks that meander along animal pathways, time spent sheltering in the folds of the land hidden in the tall grasses and The Crawl which is hands-and-knees, slow-moving, close-to-the-ground immersion.

Creating fiber art is an aspect of those rituals of discovery.  Experiencing nature and adding to Creation are part of the increase in awareness and compassionate response which are the essence of human experience.   I invite others to examine their existing views of the world and join me in these discoveries.