Puce Felling

Puce Felling | Artist Services Assistant at Mid-America Arts Alliance

Puce Felling (he/him/his) is the Artist Services Assistant at Mid-America Arts Alliance. He is a visual and performance artist  based in Kansas City, Missouri. He graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2016 with a degree in ceramic and fiber arts and has a background in facilitating art production, writing, media presence, and administrative work that supports artists, exhibitions, and arts organizations.

His work is informed by his identity as a non-binary queer person, which places him in a context with others whose private lives become public subject due to controversy and political discussion. By making clay vessels, dyeing fabric, sewing, drawing, and building domestic spaces, Felling remodels his own gendered experiences into new settings – installations that take the form of bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens: scenes of personal performance.