Artist Inc Advance

Artist INC Advance is a program of Artist INC that is geared specifically toward artist-led projects and provides direct network support and professional development in project management/planning, communications, and financial management.

Artist INC Advance is a 12 month program that that extends over the course of a year and features live convenings, one-on-one peer mentorship, quarterly small group meetings, and a culminating grant and showcase event.

Artist INC Advance participants must have completed Artist INC Live as a perquisite to enrollment in the program. 


2020 Artists

Kansas City Artists

Natalie Beer, Victoria Botero, Allison Bowman, Kate E. Burke, Gary Cadwallader, Nick Carswell, Amy Fowler, Jen Harris, Jackie Hedeman, Priscilla Howe, Sandy Leppin, Kyle Mullins, Madison Mae Parker, Laurel Parks, Andy Perkins, Sav Rodgers, Richard Renner

2017 Artists

Kansas City Artists

Jennifer Appell, Sylvia Rose Augustus, Will Averill, Rebecca Blocksome, Kirk Decker, Kim Eichler-Messmer, Simon Fink, Megan Gallant, Zahra Jahanyfard, Jessica Kincaid, Sean Mawhirter, Benjamin Parks, Stephen Proski, Meghan Rowsell, Karen Steen, Straycat Cinema (Jaclyn Dalbey & Matthew Lloyd), Robin VanHoozer

2015 Artists

Kansas City Artists

Anson the Ornery, Debbie Barrett-Jones, Annie Cherry, Lisa Marie Evans, Emily Evans Sloan, Camry Ivory, Michael McClintock, Andi Meyer, Laura Pensar, Kasey Rausch, Trilla Ray-Carter, Cydney Ross, Don Wilkison, Casey Whittier

2012 Artists

Kansas City Artists

Gustavo Adolfo Ayubar, Shay Estes, Alison Heryer, Cory Imig, Angie Jennings,  Amy Kligman, Judith Levy, Hunter Long, Mel Neet,  David Wayne Reed,  Angelica Sandoval,  Jessica Salley, Sabrina Staires, Bridget Stewart, Charles Stonewall, Nihan Yesil