CERF+ Provides Get Ready Grants/ Deadline: February 22

Since 2017, CERF+’s Get Ready Grants have awarded up to $500 to individual artists working in craft disciplines to conduct activities that will help safeguard their studios, protect their careers and prepare for emergencies. In response to the continuing changes that artists are making to the careers as a result of COVID-19, this cycle we will...
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CERF+ COVID-19 Relief Grants / Deadline: August 31

The CERF+ COVID-19 Relief Grant provides $1,000 to artists working in craft disciplines who are facing dire circumstances due to food, housing, and/or medical insecurities as a result of the ongoing pandemic. To be eligible for a “CERF+ Covid-19 Relief Grants”, applicants must: Work in a Craft DisciplineCERF+ broadly defines eligible artists to include those...
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