Art in the Loop (Kansas City) / Due: March 18

Located in Kansas City, the Art in the Loop public art program is seeking visual and performing artists for the 2024 call for artists. Through a competitive, open-call process, AILF selects local artists to exhibit their artwork, create site-specific artwork, or perform along and near the KC Streetcar route as well as at other sites in Downtown Kansas City from May – November. 

2024 Theme: Convivencia

This year Art in the Loop is following the lead of the Kansas City Public Library, which brought Bloomberg Public Innovation Fellow Tommi Laitio to kick off their year-long 150th Anniversary celebration. Laitio spoke on the importance of public spaces as places with convivencia – a Spanish word that means to coexist with others by sharing space and resources despite our differences. It can also be described as the space that exists between harmony and conflict. 

For 2024, Art in the Loop asks artists to respond to the word convivencia and what it means to them and their artwork. Convivencia is a shared life with others that is a constant practice, effort, negotiation, and joint achievement while recognizing friction or opposing energy.

Artists are asked to consider the following prompts: Can we be at ease with difference? How do we share space with our community while balancing both harmony and conflict? How does this tension inform our work and practice? We are looking for artists to respond to this word, feeling, and experience and to explore their vision of convivencia. 

The application requires a written description of the proposal, a concept, and a short narrative about goals for public engagement. Stipends range from $250-$2,500 depending on the category. The deadline for submissions is Monday, March 18, 11:59 CST.

Visual Artists

AILF asks Kansas City artists to create temporary, site-specific work along and near the KC Streetcar route in Downtown Kansas City. Selected artists will receive funds and project support to bring their artwork alive for a 6-month outdoor program. Click here for the call for visual artists

Performance Artists

This performance series will feature multi-sensory performances such as spoken word, dance, music, improv, social practice, etc., while also highlighting the visual artworks installed along the KC Streetcar route. Click here for the call for performance artists

For information about eligibility, the selection process, evaluation criteria, and important dates, review the application guidelines. Applicants are also encouraged to learn about artist projects from previous years. Annual catalogs from past years’ programs can be found here. Questions may be directed to Performance Art Director, Jade Osborne,

For more information about the project and the artists, visit,, or

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