Caldera Artist Residency / Deadline: June 25

Through the Artists in Residence (AiR) program, Caldera supports artists, creatives, and cultural workers to build skills, relationships, and projects that inspire growth and activate change. Residents draw inspiration from the residency community and the natural world surrounding the Caldera Arts Center in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. 

Caldera offers 2 and 3.5 week residencies January through March. A cohort of 5 artists/collaborations is in residence each month.

Residencies are open to US-based and international artists, creatives and cultural workers in any discipline. Artists at any stage of their careers who are not current students are eligible. Residencies are also available for parent artists who would like to bring their children.

Caldera supports collaborations of up to 4 people, as well as individuals. 

Proposals for residencies must be compatible with available working studio spaces, facilities, and resources.

Caldera has identified the following as priorities for our Artists in Residence Program, and selection is made with these in mind. 

  • Artists and cultural workers who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or People of Color). Caldera’s benchmark is for BIPOC artists to make up 90% of our residents.Teaching artists who have experience working with racially/ethnically diverse groups of young people. Teaching artist applicants are invited to propose a multi-session workshop for high school-aged youth that they would like to teach during their residency.
  • Artists and cultural workers who are advancing cultural and social change through their work. 
  • Parents, particularly parents of color.More details on the program here.

January 8 – February 1 (3.5 weeks), January 18 – February 1 (2 weeks)

February 5 – March 1 (3.5 weeks), February 15 – March 1 (2 weeks)

March 5 – 29 (3.5 weeks), March 15 – 29 (2 weeks)


Applications are open to national and international artists and collectives in any creative discipline, as well as creative thinkers in culinary arts, design, engineering, and the sciences. 


Cabins: Each resident will be housed in a private a-frame cabin, which includes 3 – 4 beds, full bathroom,  desk or table, electric heat, wood stove, and mini-kitchen (2 burner stove, mini-fridge, toaster oven,  microwave, coffee pot, Instant pot, pots/pans/dishes). 

Studio Space: Three private studios will be available (Campbell Studio, Photo Studio, and Grand Room)  and assigned based on project description and stated need. Not all residents will be assigned a studio. 

Stipend: Each resident will receive a stipend to support their participation in the residency.  Stipend amount will vary based on the requested length of residency (2 weeks or 3.5 weeks). Stipends will be paid  by check after the residency is completed. Caldera can only provide stipends to individuals with a social security number.  


Residents will provide their own materials, equipment, transportation, and food. 

Click here to apply.

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