Creative Capital / Deadline: March 8

Applications for the Creative Capital Award are due on March 8. Artists working in all disciplines are welcome to apply for $50,000 in project funding, networking opportunities, career development sessions, and more.

The Creative Capital Award application is a several-month process that happens on an annual basis, and occurs on the following timeline.

February: Open Application
Project proposals will be accepted in a free and open application through the month of February. Along with project title, descriptions, and selection of up to two disciplines, applications include questions about the goals of the project, work samples, and provide a total budget number for the project.

July: Second Round Review
Projects selected to advance to the second round will be notified at this time. Project proposals will be reviewed by a new pool of evaluators in this phase. No additional material will need to be submitted.

October: Panel Review
Projects chosen to advance to panel review will be asked for a project update and will be reviewed for a final panel of evaluators. No additional material will need to be submitted.

November: Decision
Panel meetings will be held in New York City in the fall. Projects will be chosen for support and submitted to the board of directors for final approval. Selected artists will be notified of the decision before the end of the year, and will be invited to attend an orientation in the spring, and the Creative Capital Artist Retreat in the summer.

December: Announcement
A public announcement of the Creative Capital Awards will be made in the winter.

What are the questions asked in the application?

Along with your project title and description, below are some of the questions from the application.:

• Please place your work in context so that we may better evaluate it. What are the main influences upon your work as an artist? How does your past work inform your current project? Please use concrete examples, which may include other artists’ work, art movements, cultural heritage, research/work from outside your field, etc. (150 words)

• How does your project take an original and imaginative approach to content and form? (100 words)

• What kind of impact—artistic, intellectual, communal, civic, social, etc—do you hope your project will have? What strategies will you employ to achieve the desired impact? (100 words)

• Who are the specific audiences/communities that you hope to engage through this project? Please think beyond the broad art community where possible. How are you hoping to reach them? (100 words)

• How might your proposed project act as a catalyst for your artistic and professional growth? In what ways is it a pivotal moment in your practice? (100 words)

• Given Creative Capital’s comprehensive system of support, how would you envision our nonmonetary services and resources helping you realize your goals for this project as well as those for your long term artistic and professional growth? (100 words)

Read a more in-depth look at the application, every question asked, and why.

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