Fine Arts Work Center Visual Artist Fellowship : Deadline: February 1

The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown has supported emerging writers and artists for over 50 years, granting 10 annual fellowships to visual artists and 10 annual fellowships to writers for a seven-month residency that runs from October 1 – April 30. Fellows are selected through a rigorous jury process. Visual Arts Fellows are provided with a private furnished apartment and a separate work studio of approximately 400 sq ft. Fellows are awarded a $1250 monthly stipend plus a $1000 exit stipend to support relocation at the end of the Fellowship.

The Fine Arts Work Center Visual Arts Fellowship counts among its alumni Sam Messer, Sarah Oppenheimer, Tala Madani, Troy Michie, Jennie Livingston, Jennifer Packer, Ellen Gallagher, Firelei Báez, and other critically acclaimed artists, many of whom have gone on to receive the highest commendations in contemporary art.

More information regarding the Fellowship program can be found at:

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