Kauffman Foundation – Call for Artists / Deadline: May 27

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, MO, has issued a call for artists to design and create artwork representing their REDI Statement.

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (EMKF) was established in the mid-1960s by the late  entrepreneur and philanthropist Ewing Marion Kauffman. EMKF supports programs, policies,  and practices that build inclusive prosperity through a prepared workforce and entrepreneur focused economic development. EMKR works alongside communities to push for systemic changes  that break down barriers based on race, gender, or geography so that all individuals have the opportunity to achieve economic stability, mobility, and prosperity.  

EMKF created a REDI (Racial Equity,  Diversity, and Inclusion) statement to make it clear to associates, our constituents, and the  community that this is a priority for the Foundation.

EMKF is seeking an artist to create an artwork to accompany the REDI statement and be visible to associates and visitors on a daily basis. The artwork must be able to hang from a wall and can be framed or unframed. There are no restrictions on the medium. Must fit within a space of 4’x4′.

The REDI statement is listed below:

“While we come from different backgrounds, we share the same commitment to treat one  another with dignity. We work alongside communities to end systems of privilege, fear, racism,  and entrenched bias, including our own.  

When one of us struggles, we all struggle. For this reason, we must hold each  other accountable to create a place …  

Where every person is seen.  

Where every voice is heard for the intent and impact it carries.  

Where every idea has an opportunity.  

Where everyone belongs and knows acceptance.  

Where our differences and discomforts make us stronger.  

Where every race, gender, sexuality, religion, culture, nationality, ethnicity, ability,  age, experience, and other identities we hold guide us on our imperfect path to  a better Foundation. “

Questions? Email kwaugh@kauffman.org with the email subject “Artist RFP for REDI Statement.”