Pioneer Works / Deadline: September 30

Pioneer Works offers residencies for those working in the disciplines of visual art, music, and technology.

Visual Art: The six-month long Visual Arts Studio Residency program offers visual artists sunny, glass-enclosed public-facing studios; bimonthly studio visits with curators, writers, gallerists, and collectors; access to facilities; and participation in the monthly Second Sundays open studios.

Music: The one-month Music Residency program provides a stand-alone and sound-isolated studio space that offers a range of resources for musicians and sound artists, from microphones and backline to fabrication and construction tools. The studio itself is a modest, yet professional single room environment that has been equipped with state-of-the-art gear and  setup to encourage self-production and experimentation. All Music Residents will have the support of the Director of Music, as well as the option to work with in-house technical staff for training or production assistance. The structure itself is located in the garden and was constructed and designed, by artist Greg Kholn, out of repurposed shipping containers with fine-tuned acoustic treatment. All residents are encouraged to share their work with visitors during monthly Second Sundays open studios, as well as opportunities to propose future performances, workshops or installations.

Technology: The three-month Tech Residency program invites artists and technologists to imagine new modalities for creative expression through experiments in emerging technologies, including mixed reality, robotics, and AI. While developing projects in the labs, residents have access to one-on-one consultations with experienced software and hardware engineers; desk space; cutting edge equipment such as 3D printers and scanners, a laser cutter, and virtual reality headsets; and participation in monthly Second Sundays open studios.

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