Playa Residency / Deadline: May 31

PLAYA’s residencies are open to the world’s community of scientists and artists whose work promotes dialogue and positive change in the environment and the world. Naturalists, biologists, musicians, designers, sustainability leaders, social practitioners, musicians, visual artists, writers and performing artists are encouraged to apply. PLAYA welcomes applications from both emerging and seasoned professionals.

Applicants must demonstrate how their work aligns with our mission and how they, or their project, will benefit from time at PLAYA. All residents must be 18 years old or older. Residents’ work must be compatible with PLAYA’s available studio spaces, facilities, and resources, and with PLAYA’s rural setting and community.

A rotating panel of artists, writers, scientists, and other professionals review proposals and recommend applicants for residencies. Applicants are assessed and admitted based on how closely their work or project aligns with PLAYA’s mission, how well the applicant, or the project, will benefit from immersion in the PLAYA landscape, the quality of the work, and the likelihood of evoking dialogue and positive environmental change. Final awards of residencies are at the discretion of PLAYA.

Apply Now.

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