Pond Farm Residency / Deadline: January 31

Located in Guerneville, California, Pond Farm Artist Residency welcome artists of all types, across the disciplinary and interdisciplinary spectrum and people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Unique perspectives and a rustic and rural living environment have always sparked new ideas and enhanced creativity.

The residency is located in Austin Creek State Recreational Area adjacent to northern California’s iconic Armstrong Woods State Natural Reserve. In addition to access to the 6,000 acres of inspirational space, residents will experience the grandeur of Austin Creek and Armstrong Woods and the nearby Russian River and northern California coast.

Each month-long residency provides time and space for self-paced work and reflection in an inspiring natural setting. Artists from a broad range of art, writing or performance based practices come to Pond Farm to create and explore away from the familiar contexts and constraints of daily routine and free from external expectations. It is a place where natural curiosity is sparked and creativity is unleashed. The site accommodates one artist per month from May through October.

The Artist in Residence Program is administered by the Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods in partnership with California State Parks.

Click here for more information and to apply.

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