Sustainability Labs / July 1, 2022

Sustainability Labs is seeking US creators, artists, directors, and producers looking to change their personal model of creative financial and business sustainability. Five fellows will work with mentors and a life coach on developing future goals for personal, professional, and financial growth based upon their creative aspirations. A $2,500 stipend will be provided, as well as travel and lodging in Portland.

Working with professional mentors, life coaches, and guest presenters, participants will open doors to their own unique potentials and skills, establishing tangible short and long-term goals to ensure that their creative, financial, and personal sustainability is maintained. 

  • Individual goal setting and project management consulting for an existing project
  • Personal brand building & audience engagement strategy
  • Goal setting for career sustainability (i.e. expanded access to job opportunities, meetings with key industry leaders, pitching and key marketing materials, improved connectivity within the NW and introductions to global marketplace leadership, agency or gallery representation, etc.)
  • Financial forecasting & sustainability (career coaching, goal setting, setting up LLC/business plans, debt management, etc.). 

Click here for more information and to apply.

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