The Aftermath Project / Deadline: November 18

The Aftermath Project is offering a grant worth $25,000 open to working international photographers who are interested in creating work that helps illuminate the effects of war. Four finalists each year will also receive a $5,000 grant.

The 1492/1619 grant is open to wide interpretation and centers on the 1492
“discovery” of this land by Christopher Columbus and the assault on indigenous peoples
and their cultures which followed; and the 1619 arrival of the first enslaved Africans and
the legacy of more than two centuries of a system of slavery based on white supremacy
and the treatment of Blacks as chattel.

The Aftermath Project is grounded in the understanding that unresolved conflicts –
including those where actual conflict itself has stopped (ie, the Civil War) — continue to
have an impact across generations. The Aftermath Project welcome proposals that explore the contemporary aftermaths of these historical events, which continue to shape our society today. Proposals may include historical or archival elements; they may be portrait projects; they may be
landscapes; they may be surveys or family histories; they may be fine art, conceptual, or
documentary projects. Most proposals will focus on 1492 or 1619, but the judges will
consider proposals that combine them as well. If you have questions, please send them to:

Click here for more information and to apply.

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