April Pameticky

April Pameticky, mother of two, shares time between her high school English classroom and the creative community of artists and writers in Kansas.  She launched the Wichita Broadside Project 2017, currently serves as editor of River City Poetry, an online poetry journal, and co-edits Voices of Kansas, a regional anthology of work from school-aged children across the state. 

She’s had the honor of working with many creatives for unique cross-collaboration experiences, including Anatomy of a Sea Star-Reimagined, choreographed by students from Wichita State University Dance; and Epistrophy, pairing poets with musicians for a synergistic listening experience. Most recently, she has worked ekphrastically with photographer Amanda Dickinson Pfister using Ginsberg Sentences for a winter show at the Steckline Gallery at Newman University.  Her own work can be seen in journals like Malpais Review, KONZA, and Chiron Review.  She is also the author of several chapbooks and her debut full-length collection, Waterbound, is available from Spartan Press.