Bemis Residency / Deadline: April 8

Located in the historic Old Market, Omaha’s arts and culture district, the Bemis Center offers a 110,000 square foot facility that accommodates a broad range of artistic activity. Selected artists-in-residence enjoy generous sized, private live/work studios complete with kitchen and bathroom, and a $1,000 USD monthly stipend. Due to the limitations of B2 visas (touring/visiting),...
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Public Impact Grant (Omaha) / Deadline: October 10

Amplify Arts in Omaha, Nebraska announces that applications for Amplify Arts’ Public Impact Grant are open now until October 10th! This $10,000 award provides funding and logistical support over 2-years ($5,000 each year) to Omaha-area artists and organizers working in any discipline to better understand the complexities of systemic challenges and their impacts on communities.Visit...
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Bemis Center Artist Residency / Deadline: August 16

The Bemis Center offers a residency program that is open to artists working in all disciplines. Selected artists will receive a private live/work space in Omaha’s arts and culture district, access to installation and production spaces, a space for large-scale sculpture fabrication, and a sound studio for rehearsing and recording, and a $1,000 monthly stipend....
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Bemis Residency / Deadline: April 1

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, The Bemis Center has several opportunities for artists and curators to participate in their residency.Residents have access to private live/work studios, installation and production spaces, a 9,000 square foot industrial space used for large-scale sculpture fabrication, a sound studio for rehearsing and recording, and more. Founded in 1981, by artists for artists, Bemis...
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