Centering the Margins: Emergence / April 6th

Centering the Margins: Emergence is an intimate online forum for art professionals and creative emerging artists to learn about, share and celebrate social movement art history and its contributions to contemporary art practice.

EMERGENCE is the fourth event of its kind in the Centering the Margins series focusing on the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) artists. The purpose is to connect BIPOC community artists and our allies by sharing stories in an open space and creating an opportunity to build solidarity within communities locally, regionally, and nationally. This event series aims to create an online space where BIPOC artists and creatives can connect and share space. This event is made possible with support from the Mid-America Arts Alliance’s Artist Services program, which explores how to bridge gaps across regional and socio-economic divides by building community with a grassroots focus.

“EMERGENCE’S focus will be on our collective regrowth and renewal in this new season” 

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