Imagine 2200 : Climate Fiction / Due: June 24

Grist is seeking contributions to Imagine 2200: Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors.

Imagine 2200 is an invitation to writers from all over the globe to imagine a future in which solutions to the climate crisis flourish and help bring about radical improvements to our world.

Imagine 2200 celebrates stories that envision the next decades to centuries of equitable climate progress, imagining futures of abundance, adaptation, reform, and hope. Imagine 2200 is looking for stories that are rooted in creative climate solutions and community-centered resilience, showing what can happen as solutions take root, and stories that offer gripping plots with rich characters and settings, making that future come alive.

Stories should be 2500-5000 words and set sometime between the near future and roughly the year 2200.

The judges for the 2024/25 contest are: Omar El Akkad and Annalee NewitzEl Akkad is an author and journalist whose award-winning debut novel, American War, is an international bestseller and was selected by the BBC as one of 100 Novels That Shaped Our World. Newitz is a science fiction and nonfiction writer whose third novel, The Terraformers is a finalist for the Nebula Award, and whose latest nonfiction book, Four Lost Cities, is a national bestseller.

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Artwork: Taj Francis

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