National Mural Awards / Due: March 31

Public art, and murals in particular, have been growing in popularity. To honor this flourishing branch of the contemporary art world, the National Mural Awards was founded with the intent to honor and recognize the best examples of mural art across the country.The 2024 awards will feature Gold, Silver and Bronze awards presented to the...
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Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis (RACSTL) Currently Offering Two Grant Cycles / Due: March 2024

Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis (RACSTL) is offering two granting cycles for artists. First, artists and organizations residing in St. Louis City and County can now apply for an Artist Support Grant, Organizational Grant or a Program Support Grant. Visit the main grants page on the RACSTL website for detailed information about grant guidelines, eligibility, key...
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Kansas Roster for Mural and Public Art / Deadline: January 7

The Kansas Creative Arts Industries maintains an approved Roster of Kansas-based artists working specifically on public art and mural projects. Applicants for this roster must have a history of public work and maintain a reasonable fee range. Artists will work on public projects that include community engagement aspects including but not limited to workshops, lecture-demonstrations,...
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Call for Walls-Public Art Mural for NKC / Deadline: June 30

The Tim C. Crummett Family Charitable Fund Projects Committee aims to commission a new, original public art mural on a building in North Kansas City, MO with a project budget of up to $8,000. The 2020 Public Art Mural theme will be focused on how the North Kansas City community came together during the COVID-19...
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